Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Pearl not for...

A couple weeks ago as I removed the tape from my heart to return four of my powerful gems to their handmade wooden heart for safe keeping, I noticed my beloved pearl was missing. Somehow it had wiggled free from my little therapeutic bundle and dropped to the floor somewhere within 2400 square feet of walking space. A deep sigh of resignation was my release as I practiced non-attachment and I never even tried to find it on the cream colored carpet. It was a gift and it had obviously completed it's job so I gracefully thanked and let go while holding some tiny sparkle of hope with open eyes for receiving.
This morning I awoke with a poem calling to my finger tips. This is usually another lesson in non-attachment but since my mother is here visiting I allowed whimsy to carry me off to my favorite dimension. The poem flowed out fairly quickly and left me satisfied enough to title it as finished without waiting the allotted time to revisit it for refining. I began to read it out loud with a sleepily patient 'morning' Lili listening attentively as she strolled behind me on our way back into the school morning routine.

A Pearl not for...

"Heartbreaks empty wanting sorrow
was suddenly filled with a twenty pound shield
Fat cells plumped and gathered around her sacral Chakra
Every jiggling arm reflection
A stabbing reminder of her
superficial 'desirelessness'

Can soul to soul passion be found
Would wisdom drop a protective shield
even after thirteen years of playing at love
with a husband who demanded beauty
Even after a lifetime of conditional love from a father
who valued her form, was disappointed in her mind
and could never grasp her depths

We'll see...

Like King Arthur's choice of ancient 'witchy' wort cursed wife
by day or by night

We'll see...

For until the flame of true loves ecstatic burn
melts away her pounds of pain
her easy slender form will not reveal her again

the one she is waiting for
will have to cherish her soul first
It is the only way she will know his love is absolute"

Copyright 2011 Angela Bliss Light

I am speaking the full poem out loud for the first time when I turn to respond to Lili's gentle "Ouch." I hear the *Ping* as my precious pearl drops to the vinyl after Lili dislodges it from the bottom of her foot. My spirit jumps in amazement as my wide open eyes watch it roll towards my toes. Grace in action. I give thanks. So there it is...... a poem titled and finished by 7am. Yes, the house had been vacuumed and swept at least twice since losing my healing gem. =)

Feel the magic.....


  1. Lovely. What a wonderful beautiful poem.

  2. I was lost in your narrative. So inspiring.