Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Thousand Ways of Loving

It may be a parting of the Red Sea quality miracle when two adults allow themselves to become enamored. When we're young we give our hearts freely. Falling in love makes us dizzy with glorious anticipation coupled with zero expectation. We lap up every moment of loves bliss with absolute devotion and adventurous abandon. We steep in the hot flash of nervous tension and erotic newness as we brush against each other for the first time. We bathe in overwhelming cuddles, kisses and couple knots while weaving dreams with arms outstretched to all life has to offer. He doesn't know if he'll ever get to take her to bed and she has yet to learn about the quaking magic of physical union. Everything is brand new. Anything is possible. Some may consider young love to be unwise, but it's divine gifts are our keys to the stuff of life............ authenticity and fearlessness. When we are young we don't yet have a thousand past loves and gaping wounds categorized to make our weighty assumptions and judgements. We are naturals at loving. We make mistakes and forgive or move on, but we keep believing in love.

As adults we try to shape, mold or package our love to fit tidily into our busy self-important lives. We even have websites to go shopping from home for our "perfect" mate so we can skip all the hassles of reliving past mistakes. We're all grown up. We know what we want, what we'll put up with and what simply won't do. We toss each other aside with righteous recklessness, as if to say that no form of love has value unless it meets our outlandish standards. We're cheating ourselves right out of romance with every dryly cautious step and inauthentic game. We need a cross country movement of courageous lovers with hearts in our hands, souls reaching and futures on ice. It 'ain't' just organic apples that keeps the doctor away! We need to agree to let our thousand new ways of loving and possible commitments grow organically. We need to let go of control and trust ourselves and each other again. Gals, this means you need to promise yourselves you won't name your future child with a man on your second date. No more manipulating their lives, freedom and choices. They are so worn out from that. Guys, you no longer get to rape and pillage her soul with lip service and disappearing acts while focused only on getting your physical needs met. We are so worn out from that. We all have to be stronger, more vulnerable and heroically honest every step of the way.

Bravely whisper to each others souls. There are a thousand little loves waiting to stir us. We can plan our day but not our loves. All we can do is feel it, breathe it, radiate it everywhere and in every way, with anyone we are lucky enough to stumble upon a great connection with.

Feel the magic.....

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